The Proposals

Proposal Summary

It is proposed to rearrange the site by retaining the existing main industrial warehouse building and adding new built development in the form of an extension to the main building and also a storage unit. There will also be an open and fenced plant and gas compound area as shown in drawing .

The proposed planning application is not for change of use, as such, as B8 and B2 uses are permitted on the site currently. It is proposed that the B2 use will extend out from the main building during normal working hours. There is also a proposed change to the current consented hours to allow for some night working within the building.



Proposal Process

The Veolia operation is the welding and fabrication of steel components. To elaborate on these components, Veolia fabricates tube assemblies for industrial boilers, tanks and vessels for the waste and water industry complete with infrastructure steelwork fabrication. This is compatible with the previous uses at the site.

As stated in the summary, the current consent restricts all processing and machinery operation for the area for B2 use to the existing building and therefore a change of use to B2 for the whole site, during normal working hours, is sought as part of any proposed application. The pre fabrication operation itself would be restricted to the main extended building.